6.2 Articulating STAR Stories in Behavioural Interviews

This video by the Maryland English Institute outlines the reasons employers, including large companies such as AT&T, Johnson and Johnson, and Accenture, use behavioural interview questions. Studies have shown, for example, that whereas traditional interviews have an accuracy rate of approximately 10% in terms of predicting applicants’ suitability for a job, behavioural interviews that focus on professional skills (referred to in the video as “competencies”) have an accuracy rating of approximately 55%.

In this video entitled How to Answer “Behaviour-based Interview Questions” staff from College of Business at Ohio State University and company recruitment officers offer advice on how to answer behavioural interview questions. Guidance includes:

  • Telling a story that illustrates the skill, behaviour or task referred to in the question
  • Using examples and explaining the results or outcomes of your actions.