This applied interactive learning resource will provide you with lessons and materials that are designed for you to use alongside any of your regular courses at Camosun. It is designed to help you connect course assignments to the professional skills you are developing. You will reflect on and describe the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours you have demonstrated during your coursework and Work Integrated Learning to create a well-organized, personally relevant story file to use during interviews.


  • Make connections between learning acquired in coursework and/or Work Integrated Learning and the 10 professional skills most needed in the workplace and further education.
  • Compose STAR stories describing specific times when you demonstrated professional skills through actions you took at school, in the workplace or during a volunteer experience.
  • Prepare to effectively answer behavioural interview questions about your knowledge, skills and professional behaviours.
  • Create specific, measurable, and attainable goals to further develop your communication, thinking, personal and interpersonal skills.