3.5 Video: Using Stories To Highlight Your Skills

How to ace your Interview? Use a STAR story to answer Behavioural questions

Most of the top hiring organizations (Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce and many many more) today use Behavioural Interviewing to interview prospective candidates.

Formatting your responses to interview questions using STAR allows you to showcase your skills & qualifications in the best light. It gives the employer insight into your personality, work experiences and contributions you’ve made inside and outside the classroom.

Picture of a star with the explanation of the acronym. Situation, Task, Action, Result.

Situation: Describe the specific challenge/opportunity you were faced with.

Task: Describe the tasks involved in the situation.

Action: What actions were taken to complete the task(s)?

Result: What was the outcome of those actions?

Note: Use the Tables of Professional Skills & Behaviours found under materials at the beginning of this resource. This resource will be used throughout each lesson.