2.5 Acquiring & Articulating Skills

By now you may be wondering: how do I learn these skills? The good news is opportunities to learn them and to demonstrate them are built into your program. CamSTAR is designed to help you:

  • Identify the professional skills you’re learning.
  • Develop your ability to tell future employers or universities about specific situations, either in school or on the job, where you demonstrated the skills they are seeking.

Where do you acquire these skills at Camosun?

  1. In your program– your instructors have selected CamSTAR activities for you to connect course work to the skills you’re developing and demonstrating.
  2. During Work Integrated Learning (WIL)– for example on co-op work terms, apprenticeships, clinical placements, that take place in community businesses, industry and non-profit organizations. See below for more information.

You Are Learning Professional Skills In Your Camosun Courses


Your programs and courses are designed to develop your professional skills. In most cases the skills aren’t stated as part of the learning outcome – but they are there and you will learn them. See this document for an example from the Community, Family and Child Studies (CFCS) Program.

There are nine types of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at Camosun College

Some examples are co-operative education work terms, apprenticeships, practicums and clinical placements. Click here for more information on the nine Types of WIL.

Click here for a list of WIL programs at Camosun College:

Co-op Programs

Apprenticeship Programs