2.4 Self-Assessment of Professional Skills

Employers value professional skills, such as the ability to:

  • communicate well in writing and speaking
  • exercise personal initiative
  • exercise personal responsibility and accountability (work ethic)
  • deal well with others (interpersonal communication)
  • facilitate teamwork and manage team relationships
  • make informed decisions
  • solve problems
  • think critically

The self-assessment below will help you see at a glance the professional skills you already have, and those you’re still developing. It helps you identify where you have STAR stories to share and where you can set SMART goals to further develop your professional skills.


Please indicate how you would assess your skill level for each professional skill using the descriptors below:


I recognize this is an area I would like to develop. I have started to identify opportunities to develop skills related to this competency.


I am practicing the skills related to this competency in different areas of my life: at work, in the classroom and in my daily life.


I am able to apply the skills related to this competency in the different areas of my life.


I am able to confidently and consistently apply the skills related to this competency in all aspects of my life.

Not applicable: 

I haven’t yet had an opportunity to work on this skill.

Professional Skills Self Assessment Table
Assess the following skills: initiative, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, conflict management, written communication, oral communication, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking