3.4 STAR Story Structure Part 2

Writing the Action & Result Elements Of Your STAR Story 

A – Action 

This is the most substantial part of your STAR story (from 50-70%) and it is important to describe: 

  • What you did and the professional skill you used from Column 1.  
  • How you did it and the professional behaviour you used from Column 2.  
  • Give specific details that describe how and why you acted that way (see examples below). 

R – Result 

This is where you get to be the hero of the story. It’s important to end by explaining the impact of your actions, as well as what you learned. This will solidify your own learning. This explanation also ensures the employer or course provider knows your actions made a difference and that you met the course learning outcomes. The following questions will help guide your response: 

  • What happened as a result of the actions you took?  
  • What did you learn? 
  • What, if anything, would you do differently next time? 

Please note that the Table of Professional Skills and Behaviours in Section 7.1 has full STAR stories for each of the 10 professional skills.